Awkward Family Photos
Alex Heigl
March 27, 2014 04:00 PM

Awkward Family Photos, the site that makes us feel better about our own family photos, has been elevated to an art form.

The California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica, purveyor of “American decorative and fine arts,” is hosting an exhibit of the site’s portraits.

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up our favorites from each of the 12 categories the museum is highlighting: The Family Portrait, Siblings, Vacation, The Kids, Babies, The Holidays, Weddings, Dad, Mom, The Grandparents, Birthdays and The Family Pet. (Looking for more awkward fun? Buy AFP’s book here.)

The Family Portrait

Awkward Family Photos

Maybe they’re just really big Beach Boys fans.


Awkward Family Photos

Look, AFP, you guys are great at what you do, but this was all teed up for a “Bro-Hemian Rhapsody” pun and you missed it. Actually, maybe you just took the high road. Yeah, it’s probably the latter.


Awkward Family Photos

The ’80s were truly a magical time in this country.

The Kids

Awkward Family Photos

The scorn is strong with this one.


Awkward Family Photos

Disclaimer: This kid is okay. The parents write: “I hadn t quite learned to swaddle [our daughter] correctly and my wife hadn t quite learned to burp her correctly.”

The Holidays

Awkward Family Photos

They don’t kneel for anyone beyond the Wall.


Awkward Family Photos

That woman is so obviously enamored of that man we can’t bring ourselves to make fun of them.


Awkward Family Photos

Dad knows how to party. (And probably also how to traumatize his kids.)


Awkward Family Photos

Rarely have we seen a child begin her adolescent eye-rolling during infancy.


Awkward Family Photos

This is so wonderfully bizarre that we don’t even want an explanation. It looks like a scene from Twin Peaks.


Awkward Family Photos

“My birthday falls on Nov. 1, so as a kid it was always celebrated on Halloween,” the terrified-looking birthday boy in this photo writes in the present day.


Awkward Family Photos

The Bumpus hounds from A Christmas Story do Halloween!

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