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'Tis the Season to Be Awkward: The 12 Most Embarrassing Christmas Portraits Online

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Awkward Family Photos

The holidays are high time for awkward family photos, and in the four years of its existence, Awkward Family Photos has chronicled all the embarrassment that Santa hats, nativity scenes and matching plaids can provide. To celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, we present the 12 most awkward family photos of the holiday season. (Buy the book for your family here.)

Christmas Jazz Hand

Submitted by AFP reader MaryLynn
Awkward Family Photos
Did Bob Fosse ever write a Christmas carol?

A Christmas Story

Submitted by AFP reader Steve
Awkward Family Photos
Sure the crying is fantastic, but what really makes this one are the gigantic grins on the other two kids’ faces. Santa grades on a curve, and their chances of making the nice list just got a heckuva lot bigger.

Christmas Casual

Submitted by AFP reader Jaimie
Awkward Family Photos
Hopefully he asked for a shirt.

Hand of Dad

Submitted by AFP reader Rhiannon
Awkward Family Photos
Is there any subtext to the roles in this one? Do you think the kids were all gunning to play the Angel, or was the Baby Jesus the plum role?


Submitted by AFP reader Hollie
Awkward Family Photos
If you cross your eyes and look at this one, you can see a 3D picture of awkwardness.

Merry Christmas

Submitted by AFP reader Heather
Awkward Family Photos
These two managed to keep it together surprisingly well for encountering a terrifying child-murderer version of Santa Clause.

The Exclusion

Submitted by AFP reader Meaghan
Awkward Family Photos
“No, Bobby, we never had a third child. Why do you ask?”

Christmas Card 2011

Submitted by AFP reader Joe
Awkward Family Photos
Naked Christmas: Intentionally Awkward Edition.

It’s Xmas: Deck the Halls

Submitted by AFP reader Herman
Awkward Family Photos
Naked Christmas: Unintentionally Awkward Edition?


Submitted by AFP reader Chris
Awkward Family Photos
This is actually camouflage for their traditional Christmas hunting trip to TGI Fridays.

Silent Nightswimming

Submitted by AFP reader Adam
Awkward Family Photos
One question: Were these gifts? If not, why are they matching? If so, what were they wearing before?

Black Christmas

Submitted by AFP reader Adam
Awkward Family Photos
Not dreaming of a white Christmas here.

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