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Avril Lavigne Says Her Music Is Her Baby

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Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Avril Lavigne is in a good place.

She’s a giddy newlywed, she’s got a new, self-titled album due Nov. 5, and she’s ready for a baby – eventually.

“I do [feel pressure to start a family] now that I’m married,” Lavigne says in an interview on The Lowdown with Diana Madison.

But, she adds, “I want to be ready. I’m focusing on my music. I’m just releasing a new record. This is my priority and my baby right now.”

The "Rock N Roll" singer, 29, is also focused on her husband Chad Kroeger, of Nickelback.

“We actually have spent the majority of our relationship, like all of our time together,” she says. “They went on the road for a little bit, and I was out with Nickelback on their tour, and then he travels with me, and now that we worked together on my record, we’re together then.”

The singer enjoys collaborating with Kroeger and says the studio is a special place for them.

“He proposed in the studio so it was really romantic, and when we work together, we’re creating and we’re in the moment of making something happen, so it’s fun,” she says.

“The hours are long, but it actually just makes that process even better because he’s there with me, so I like working with him,” she says. “Plus I think he’s a really talented song writer and I respect him and his work tremendously.”