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'Average Joe' is In, 'Bachelor' is Out

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In its annual alert as to what’s “in” and what’s “out,” The Washington Post’s “Style” section delivered good news to Barry Manilow and “Average Joe,” but bad news to Clay Aiken and “The Bachelor.”

The first two are “in.” The second two are “out.” Others which will be hot or not for 2004: The Hiltons are “out.” The Olsen twins are “in.”

Ready for more? Newly “out”-ed Donatella Versace has been replaced by Dutch designers Viktor and Rolf; the Segway scooter by the Honda Ruckus; the White Stripes by whitening strips; and “flash mobs” by Howard Dean mobs.

Also, if you want to be “in,” use the word “lovely.” Drop “skanky.”

Other “outs”: overscheduled kids, tiny dogs and saying something is “ne plus ultra,” or the ultimate.

Other “ins”: unrestricted playtime, hairless cats and saying something is “sui generis,” or unique.

Flat hair, “in”; wavy hair, “out”. Spike Jonze, “out”; soon-to-be ex-wife Sofia Coppola, “in.” Enormous scarves, “out”; Ugg boots, “in,” though only until Feb. 7.

And forget “Nip/Tuck.” The “in” show is “The O.C.”