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Average Joe Adam Splits with Samantha

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Average Joe sweethearts Adam Mesh and Samantha Trenk are the latest couple to fall victim to the curse of reality romance, PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

“It just didn’t feel like it was going to be the relationship to end all relationships for me,” says Mesh, who split from Trenk during a lunch date last week. “I still think she’s a great girl. It just didn’t work out.”

There was another complicating factor. “He said I wasn’t the only one on his mind,” Trenk (who’s already seeing other people) recalls about their lunch encounter. “He said, ‘This isn’t the right time for us,’ and I said, ‘Then I want to end it.'”

Mesh, 28, admits that while seeing Trenk, 24, he was distracted: “I realized that I was still thinking of somebody else.”

Mesh denies that the “somebody else” is Joe runner-up Rachel Goetz – though many fans still believe that Mesh made the wrong choice when he ditched Goetz in the NBC show’s April 5 finale.

“I was in Las Vegas, and this guy in his 50s hits me on the arm and goes, ‘You picked the wrong girl,'” recalls Mesh. “So I looked at him and said, ‘No, I picked the girl that I like better.’ And he says, ‘Well, the other one is my daughter.’ He showed me his ID, and it was him.”

As for Mesh’s mysterious other woman, he will reveal only that it’s someone he dated before the show began.