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Wade Rouse
July 24, 2013 04:40 PM

A lot of men dream of dating Aubrey Plaza but The To Do List star says she would put herself on the “don’t” list for dating.

“I am the last person on earth I d ever go on a date with,” Plaza says in the August issue of GQ.

She does say, however, that her ideal first date would “be for someone to come and pick me up and then be like ‘You know, I don t feel like going anywhere.’ And then I’d be like ‘Yeah, you re right. Let s not go anywhere.’ And then they d be like ‘You know, I kind of just want to go home and watch a movie.’ And then I d be like ‘Alright, I ll see you later. This was really fun.’ ”

Got that? Well, it all seems to make sense to the quirky 29-year-old, who is gaining a reputation for turning heads.

“I guess I think it’s better to go out there and do something interesting than to just do what everybody expects,” Plaza tells the magazine of her recent infamous appearance at the MTV Movie Awards, where she interrupted Anchorman 2 star Will Ferrell and got kicked out of the ceremony. “That’s the kind of thing that gets picked up.”

The appearance certainly got people talking about the Parks and Recreation actress as well as her new movie – which opens Friday, July 26 – in which she plays a college-bound woman checking items off her sexual bucket list before she starts school.

The actress says the role echoes a bit of her own high school experience. “I was a type-A loser, so I had a lot of ‘Figure out how to dress yourself’ or ‘Figure out how to make a better ponytail’ [on my to do list].”

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