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Ashton's New TV Show Features Older Woman

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Newlywed actor-producer Ashton Kutcher has a new project in the works – about a man who marries an older woman.

Kutcher’s 30 Year Old Grandpa, a sitcom pilot to be filmed for FOX, centers on a young club owner whose marriage to a 40-something businesswoman makes him stepfather to kids who are almost as old as he is, reports Variety – noting that show will be set in Chicago and not among the showbiz trappings of Hollywood.

Kutcher, of course, has some added perspective. The Punk’d and That ’70s Show star, 27, married Demi Moore, 42, this past Sept. 24 after dating since 2003. In between, Kutcher carved out a place in the lives of her three daughters by former husband Bruce Willis – Rumer, 17; Scout, 14; and Tallulah, 11 – who came to embrace Kutcher as a third parent, affectionately calling him MOD, short for “My Other Dad.”

As for 30 Year Old Grandpa, for which The Drew Carey Show veteran Holly Hester is writing the script, “It started out as an idea about a mother and daughter having kids at the same time,” says Karey Burke, a business partner of Kutcher’s. “It then dawned on us that the guy’s point of view on this was the comedy hook.”

She describes the show as “a very modern, messy look at an extended American family.” How modern and how messy? Soon after the wedding, the bride discovers she’s pregnant – as does her 22-year-old unmarried daughter, who then moves back in with mom and her new stepfather.