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Ashton Brings Demi Home to Mom in Iowa

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Ashton Kutcher took girlfriend Demi Moore home this past weekend to Iowa, where the May-December couple had planned to catch Saturday’s Hawkeyes homecoming game against Michigan, the Associated Press reports.

But those plans were scuttled once the paparazzi started showing up at the home of Kutcher’s mother, Diane Portwood. (The “That ’70s Show” star grew up in Iowa and briefly attended the University of Iowa before embarking upon a modeling career that led to acting.)

With no game to watch, Kutcher, 25, and Moore, 40, stuck it out at home, riding four-wheelers and enjoying quiet time with family, his mom tells AP.

They “had their own little homecoming,” said Portwood, whose house is located in a historic cluster of towns known as the Amana Colonies. “We had enchiladas and ham, chicken breast — you know, the regular Iowa meals.”

Portwood also apparently knows how to handle swarms of photogs. “When the paparazzi came to the door,” she said, “I told them to leave, and if they didn’t abide by my wishes, I told them I’d call the law on them.”

As for her thoughts on Moore, Portwood (seeming to overlook the fact that her son is a star, too), said: “What I’ve found is when you meet many of these so-called celebrities in person, they are really down to earth.”

And the two women, she said, “sat and talked about her kids and my kids, and we had a great time.”