Courtesy Arvada Fire Department
Erin Skarda
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There’s no doubt that firefighters are everyday heroes, but members of the Arvada Fire Department in Arvada, Colorado, took their hero status to a new level over the weekend, when they saved the day for a young couple celebrating their senior prom.

AJ Novotny and his date, Kelsie Levad, are both in wheelchairs. As Novotny was planning the perfect prom night with the help of his mother, they ran into trouble finding a limousine that could accommodate both their wheelchairs.

As an avid administrative volunteer for Arvada Fire, Novotny had requested to snap some prom pictures with one of the fire trucks before the dance. The couple – both students at Arvada West High School – arrived at the station to do just that, handsomely dressed in matching pink and white formal wear, and they were greeted with an awesome surprise.

Not only did the couple get some truly unique prom photos – many of which were posted to the Arvada Fire Department’s Facebook page – but they were also swept off for dinner and dancing on the department’s Engine 52. Talk about making an entrance!

On Sunday morning, Novotny thanked the department for an unforgettable start to prom, commenting on Facebook: “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You guys are SO awesome! … We had so much fun!!!”

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