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Arnold Ends Up with Egg on His Suit

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Republican California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger got an unexpected delivery from a protestor during a campaign rally Wednesday at California State University Long Beach: an egg that landed on the broad shoulder of his tan blazer, reports Reuters.

To his credit, the newly politically driven “Terminator” star, 56, laughed it off, while a handler quickly wiped the yolk away.

“This guy owes me bacon now,” Schwarzenegger later told reporters.

Schwarzenegger, who’s running in the upcoming election to recall Democratic California Gov. Gray Davis, was on the campaign trail after skipping a debate with his fellow candidates. The former action star has agreed to appear in just one debate with his rivals, on Sept. 24.

“He’s a sissy,” said Richie Ross, a political strategist for Arnold’s main rival, Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, according to New York’s Daily News. “He’s a scaredy-cat.”

Bustamante is the Democratic frontrunner, and has even topped Arnold in some polls.

Meanwhile, on the subject of name-calling, some unfortunate remarks Schwarzenegger made about women in the 1970s are apparently coming back to haunt him, the Daily News reports.

“His record of disrespect and constant objectification of women is not what we need in Sacramento,” said Jodie Evans, who has organized a protest scheduled to take place in front of Schwarzenegger’s campaign headquarters on Thursday.

No word on whether anyone’s bringing eggs.