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April Fools! Which Celeb Prankster Would You Want to Fool You?

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Splash News Online, Wireimage(2), Getty, Startraks

April Fools’ day is almost here, bringing another chance for some of our favorite celebrity pranksters to shine.

And wouldn’t it be fun if they directed their creative japes our way? Which of the notorious offenders below would you want to play an April Fools’ joke on you?

George Clooney may be the granddaddy of all Hollywood pranksters. His notorious stunts on the Ocean’s films prompted Julia Roberts to describe not working with him as “a relief,” because “I didn’t have to check the toilet for anything or the light bulbs or the phone.”

The most prolific prankster prize has to go to Ashton Kutcher for his long-running reign over MTV’s Punk’d, where he nailed the likes of Zac Efron and Beyoncé, and famously made poor Justin Timberlake cry after his crew pretended to be government agents sent to repossess Timberlake’s belongings.

Coming up the ranks in the jokester squad are Justin Bieber and Willow Smith, who are engaged in a prank war since Bieber crashed her concert performance while banging a cowbell. Smith’s response via Twitter: “My big brothers Justin and Jaden pranked me on stage tonight … #payback!!!”

Finally, we’ve got a closet prankster in Johnny Depp. Who knew the broody star had a cheeky streak? Penélope Cruz told Jimmy Kimmel recently that on the set of their movie Blow, Depp had a special machine he used to prank her – one that’s only grown more advanced over the years. “When I met him 10 years ago, he had a plastic [fart machine], and now, 10 years later, he has one with a remote control,” she said of their work together on the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.