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Apprentice: Chris Shelton Crashes

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Bad news plagued cursing, tobacco-chewing The Apprentice contestant Chris Shelton all week, from his arrest on alleged disorderly conduct charges at a Tampa casino last weekend to Thursday night’s firing by Donald Trump on the NBC reality show.

The expulsion was not related to the arrest (the entire season of the reality show was filmed weeks ago, except for the finale), but Net Worth project leader Chris was responsible for “a mess of a team,” as Trump told the 22-year-old.

The news did not go down well with the axed contestant, whose eyes welled up in tears as he sobbed softly. Calling him back, Trump assured Chris he still had great potential, but made the young man promise to do two things: watch his temper and stay away from tobacco.

This week’s project was to create a marketing brochure for the new General Motors two-seat roadster, the Pontiac Solstice. Teams had access to their own models, photographers, design studios and printing facilities, with the winning brochure to be determined by Pontiac execs.

Kendra led the Magna team, while Net Worth’s Alex, Chris and Bren chortled among themselves that they had the advantage with an all-male team, given that cars are a guy thing. Getting his first look at the Solstice, Bren even said it was like a beautiful woman: “You just couldn’t take your eyes off of it.”

Continuing the thought, Net Worth posed a beautiful woman on the car in their brochure – along with a lot of information but no emotion, said the unimpressed Pontiac experts. Magna, on the other hand, had presented exactly what Pontiac was seeking: emotion and creativity. In fact, the execs said they liked Magna’s brochure so much, they planned on using it themselves.