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Antonio Sabato's Fashionable Fistfight

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Not all the cats are on the catwalk.

What started as a celebrity-studded soiree in a Culver City warehouse for Heatherette’ s edgy evening gowns during L.A.’ s fashion week ended up in a backstage brawl that found Antonio Sabato Jr. rolling around the concrete floor with an unidentified man, reports PEOPLE.

“It was a real fight,” said an eyewitness to the April 1 incident, which was documented on video and has now become a hit on the Web. “They knocked over rolling racks of clothes and had security rush in and pull them apart. It was so dumb.”

The slugfest took place after the runway show when guests, (who included Nicolette Sheridan, French Stewart, Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis and Leelee Sobieski) were gathering backstage to congratulate Heatherette designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains for their 2004 collection.

The Culver City police were summoned but there were no arrests. A cameraman for Heatherette recorded the action on video as did Chris McKim, a reporter for World of Wonder Productions, which put the action onto the Internet.

“During the scuffle, they knocked into me,” McKim said. “Clothes were flying and the models were getting out of the way.”

WOW’s fight coverage reported that the curly-haired Sabato, 32, the former Calvin Klein underwear model who now plays a personal trainer in The WB sitcom “The Help,” looked like he needed some help. The actor, WOW said, “was getting the s— kicked out of him.”

According to an eyewitness, Sabato encountered a man described as a former “high school friend,” who wore black slacks and a black shirt with white stripes. Sabato wore a bright red Malboro racing jacket and black slacks. A friend of Sabato’s showed up in a nylon HP racing jacket. Guests observed that comments about their outfits may have led to the dispute.

Sabato’s spokeswoman, Karen Tencer, did not return several requests for a comment, nor did the Culver City police.