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See All the Crazy Stuff a World Champion Jet Skier Can Do

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Summer’s coming. Are you ready?

Anthony "Ant" Burgess is. He’s a former world champion jet skier, and if this video is any indication, his skills haven’t waned at all.

The video, shot by Josh Spinks over Easter weekend at Kingsbury Lakes in the U.K., shows what Burgess is capable of when he feels like showing off a little. Watch as he puts his jet ski through the paces, performing an array of tricks that include flips and 360-degree spins. (At one point, Burgess does a staggering 14 flips in a row.)

Want to know the best part? Burgess, an apprentice plumber who started jet-skiing when he was just 12, is merely 18 years young. He attends college on a day release basis and takes time off from his job to compete in jet ski competitions.

We’re just going to watch him and then go feel bad about ourselves for a little while.

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