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Angie Harmon Misses Boring Moments as a Mom

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Bryan Bedder/Getty

Angie Harmon has already said that her little girls have husband Jason Sehorn “whipped,” but it looks like he’s not the only one.

“I’ve always sort of looked at stay-at-home moms and been like, ‘Oh gosh, how on earth do you do that? It seems so boring!’ There is not a boring moment!,” Harmon told PEOPLE in Manhattan Monday, while hosting the Huggies Big Mover Shoe Auction for the charity KaBOOM. “I’ll be in the car for four hours, just from taking them to school and someone forgot a lunch and then we got to go back with the project, it’s just amazing to me. I’ve really been enjoying that.”

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Harmon, 36, who gave birth to the couple’s third daughter, Emery Hope, in December, says that between the 9-month-old and daughters Finley, 5½, and Avery, 4, she and hubby Sehorn, 38, have all but given up on romantic time for now.

“It’s funny, we held hands the other day and it was so odd that it wasn’t a little hand, that it was a hand bigger than mine,” says Harmon. “We’re literally just like, ‘All right, great game, see you in the showers!’ That’s kind of it right now – we’re outnumbered. They try to take over as much as they can, it’s us against them.”

And her eldest daughters couldn’t be happier with the latest addition to the family: for them, Emery is just one more toy to play with. “They treat her like she’s a doll, so it’s a bit alarming at times, but it’s really been very easy,” says Harmon. “They love her. We didn’t have any of the jealousy.”