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Angelina: Zahara Is Jealous of Shiloh

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Angelina Jolie, in her first U.S. interview since daughter Shiloh Nouvel was born three weeks ago, said her son Maddox, 4, adores his new sister – while daughter Zahara, 16 months, is still coping with the addition to the family.

“Mad loves her,” Jolie said Tuesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. “Because when Z came home she was older, she was 7 months old, so for Mad it’s like having this tiny little pet he can just hold and look at. He’s great.”

But, she added, “Z’s a little jealous because she’s still a little girl.”

Jolie, who said she and Brad Pitt would adopt their next child, also spoke about the relief she felt last year upon learning that Zahara, whom she’d adopted from Ethiopia, was not HIV-positive – as were many of the children she’d also considered taking home.

In particular, she remembers one little boy, about whom “I still have guilt,” she said. “I still see his face and I always will. He was the first child I met who was about to die. He was by himself. I still to this day – even though I know the broader picture, you can’t save everybody – feel that I should have helicoptered him out and spent the money and done something and saved him, even though I probably couldn’t have.”

On a happier note, she said she was thrilled to find that her feelings for Shiloh, her first biological child, were no different from those she felt for her adopted children.

“I was kind of prepared to defend my other children,” she said. “I was prepared to kind of give them extra love and attention, because something was going to be different about this new one.”

Jolie and Cooper on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.
The interview aired on World Refugee Day, giving Jolie – a goodwill ambassador for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for the past five years – a platform to discuss her travels, including a trip to a refugee camp in Sierra Leone.

“It was an amputee camp … the worst camp I’ve ever seen,” she said, adding that the visit “changed me for the better.”

“Suddenly you see these people who’re really fighting something, who are really surviving, who have so much pain and loss … and you just feel like your own life has been so sheltered and so spoiled. It just changed everything,” she said.

For the most part, Jolie steered clear of her personal life in the interview, though she did concede she receives a “ridiculous” salary for making movies and, as a result, donates a third of her earnings to humanitarian causes.