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Dr. Oz Calls Angelina Jolie's Announcement a 'Kick in the Pants' for Women

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We have seen the future of cancer, says Dr. Oz.

Angelina Jolie‘s bold announcement that she had undergone a preventative double mastectomy has realigned our thinking about the disease, Oz tells PEOPLE:

“It changes everything about how the public will perceive cancer,” Oz says. “She had remarkable insight into the challenges she faced, she embraced information, knowledge. She realized testing gave her power and she spoke very directly to women with some very sage advice, which I applaud. It changes everything on how we perceive cancer prevention.”

“This shows us what the future of cancer will look like. What Angelina did was to change the dynamic – when a young, sexy woman electively, because of remarkable advancements in technology, allows some of her most sensuous parts to be removed in order to save her life so she can be here for her kids, that’s a seismic shift.”

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“We needed this. It’s a kick in the pants. Most of us shy away from bad news. She embraced the enemy and took it upon herself to beat it,” Oz says of her strength. “She felt that was her motherly and female obligation.”

For more, The Dr. Oz Show will dedicate Thursday’s program to Jolie’s brave announcement