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Angelina Jolie Speaks Out Against Planned Koran Burning

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Jason Tanner/UNHCR

Add Angelina Jolie to the growing list of voices opposing a plan by a Florida pastor to burn the Muslim holy book on September 11.

“I have hardly the words,” she told reporters in Islamabad, Pakistan, to describe actions “that somebody would do that to somebody’s religious book.”

Jolie, who is in Pakistan to highlight the plight of flood victims in the country, was asked if she supported Pastor Terry Jones’s planned Koran-burning. She answered, “Of course not. Of course not,” and praised the response from some U.S. officials who condemned any such action.

PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie’s Goodwill Visit to Bosnia

Earlier this week, Jolie, a U.N. goodwill ambassador, visited with flood victims in northwest Pakistan, where millions of people have been forced from their homes.

“It’s clear this crisis is far from over,” said Jolie, 35. “People have lost everything – their homes, their belongings, their crops and cattle, and their livelihoods.”