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Liam Berry and Dave Quinn
July 01, 2017 02:13 PM

For a man who’s interviewed thousands of the world’s most beautiful people, Andy Cohen is less focused on looks than you’d think. In fact, he’s sure that when it comes to dating, looks can be deceiving.

“People judge each other too quickly,” Cohen, 49, told PEOPLE Thursday at the Samsung 837 Studios in New York City, where he was hosting a celebration of their latest phone — the Galaxy S8.

As for whether modern dating — dominated by apps and Instagram impressions — has made things harder or easier when it comes to finding love, Cohen thinks it’s a little bit of both. And this is a man who’s immersed in the world of dating right now, as host of FOX’s reboot of the hit ’80s series Love Connection.

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“We have them score each other’s looks [on Love Connection] based on their first impressions, which is sometimes painfully awkward and sometimes amazing and sometimes both,” the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host explained, admitting he hasn’t “done much dating” himself since filming on Love Connection began.

“But, what invariably happens is people say, ‘Oh, wow. I got to know the person.’ And then — because we force them to spend several hours getting to know each other — it turns out they’re good people and there’s reasons that people go on dates,” he continued.

Cohen found that these first impression scores weren’t always the best indicators of whether people would truly get along. “That’s the biggest lesson: Get to know someone,” he said. “We’re all swiping way too quickly and not thinking, ‘Wait. This person maybe has things in common with me.’ ”

Of course, that doesn’t mean a picture isn’t important — and for that, Cohen had nothing but nice things to say about the Galaxy S8.

“The capabilities of the camera will leave any Housewife or Housewives fan panting,” he said. “Not only is the quality amazing, but they have unbelievable selfie technology where you can, like, wave your hand and it’ll count down to taking a picture. It’s an incredible flip camera.”

So what’s Cohen’s tips for taking the best possible selfies for your profile. “The secret? The angle,” he said. “I am always up on the high angle. The other good news with [the Galaxy S8] is you can cue the timer with your voice. So you can say, like, ‘smile’ and it’ll will go like, ‘3, 2, 1.’ It’s awesome!’

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And since Cohen’s the host of one of TV’s biggest reboots right now, it was only fair to find out which cancelled Bravo show he’d like to see return back to TV.

“There’s a lotta love for NYC Prep,” said Cohen of the popular 2009 series often said to be a real-life Gossip Girl. “None of the schools wanted us, so it was basically impossible to do.”

That wasn’t the only show he’d bring back. “I’d give Gallery Girls some love. I always loved Showbiz Moms and Dads, which was a really great show. And Showdog Moms and Dads. Those were really good.”

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