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Watch the History of the Etch A Sketch, Illustrated with an Etch A Sketch

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The New York Times Magazine has released its annual roundup of notable figures who died this year, and one of those figures was André Cassagnes, the Frenchman who invented the Etch A Sketch.

In the video above, Christoph Niemann gives Cassagnes and his invention a fitting send-off, chronicling the iconic toy‘s birth and fame.

So if you’ve ever wondered about the man behind the little red rectangle you spent so much of your youth shaking, take a look at the video. Whether you’re interested in the trivia (did you know Cassagnes moved into kite-making in his 50s, eventually becoming the most famous kite-maker in France?) or merely in watching someone else attempt (and fail) to draw a circle, it’ll be the most nostalgic two minutes of your day.

And if this inspires you to dig up your Etch A Sketch and finally figure out how to draw a circle, be sure to let us know, won’t you?