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Anderson Cooper Covers Himself with Mud During Colombian Volcano Vacation

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Courtesy Anderson Cooper

He’s chased stories around the globe, from tsunami-stricken Sri Lanka to the royally resplendent Buckingham Palace.

But when he’s not breaking news for CNN, where in the world is Anderson Cooper? And why does he look like something out of the movie Swamp Thing?

After posting a shirtless photo of himself covered in mud (recognizable only by his perfectly parted hair) on Twitter and asking his fans to guess where he was, Cooper, 44, revealed his mystery locale Tuesday: the El Totumo Mud Volcano near Cartagena, Colombia.

“You go to the top of the volcano and go into the warm mud,” he Tweeted. “It’s really weird, but fun. Colombia is a beautiful country.”

Before the big reveal, he teased his followers, “I’m off for a few days. From this photo can you guess where in the world I am? Exact location?”

He further hinted about his destination: “Not a spa. I don’t like spas,” and, “Not the dead sea, nowhere near it.”