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Sara Hammel
December 29, 2010 01:40 PM

A teenage Amy Winehouse, now 27, had big dreams – and a few small ones, according to new diary entries found in a London trash can.

The pages, discovered in a notebook among discarded schoolbooks, include song lyrics and notes Winehouse wrote to herself in 2001 when she was 17, not long before she got her first record deal.

On a list that includes handwritten reminders to get a “treadmill” and “buy car,” the singer also wrote, “get teeth fixed.” Revealing a slightly bigger goal, she apparently hoped to “buy FLAT in London.” (The singer has lived in an apartment in the Camden area of London since her late teens).

Though the entries were found in the rubbish, Winehouse’s rep tells PEOPLE she wants them back. “Yes, they are hers,” her rep confirms. “They got thrown out by mistake and she’s in the process of getting them back now.”

Winehouse gets a bit more personal in some entries, reminding herself to “live like the bombshell I really am” and revealing feelings for a guy named Felix, by writing, “There’s too much sexual tension.”

In a red notebook on which she scrawled “Amy’s Songs,” the singer also jotted down some early lyrics including “Drain my drink & order more” and “Find someone with whom I can come undone.”

Winehouse has been working on a new album, her father told PEOPLE recently.

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