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Amy Winehouse Was the First Person Kelly Osbourne 'Loved' and 'Lost'

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Rodrigo Marques/Splash News Online

The death of Grammy winner Amy Winehouse touched many people, but close pal Kelly Osbourne took it especially hard.

Calling Winehouse her “best friend,” Osbourne, 26, Tweeted that she will love the “Rehab” singer “forever.”

Obsourne’s mom, America’s Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne, 58, tells PEOPLE, “There’s nothing I can do to take Kelly’s pain away,” but she can explain why the loss of the troubled singer has been so difficult for her daughter.

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“This was the first person she’s loved who she’s lost,” Osbourne said at Monday’s NBCUniversal Press Tour All-Star party at L.A.’s SLS hotel. “That in itself made her frightened and shocked. She’s gone through all these different emotions.”

Osbourne, who has lent a loving hand to her daughter, doesn’t expect her to heal overnight. “The only thing that will help her is time,” says Sharon.

While Winehouse’s death is still sinking in for Kelly, Sharon has accepted the reality of the loss.

“It s all a part of life, isn’t it?” Sharon says. “We thank god we’re here and we’re healthy and we do what we do. But some people aren’t as fortunate as us. It s all a part of it. Life and death are as much a part of living, unfortunately.”

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