Simon Perry
July 01, 2008 09:00 AM

Amy Winehouse has left the hospital, it was confirmed Tuesday.

The performer, who had a busy weekend of concerts, was discharged from the clinic where she has been staying for more than 10 days on Monday.

Her representative, Chris Goodman, said, “She has left [the] hospital. She is continuing as an outpatient.”

The singer, 24, returned to the facility during rehearsals and between her performances for Nelson Mandela and at the Glastonbury Festival. But she left for good on Monday.

“She will return for regular appointments for check[-up]s,” said Goodman.

He adds, “There comes a time when you are ready to leave the hospital, and so she left. No one was trying to keep her there. It was completely up to her – everyone knew she would not stay there forever.”

Despite some controversy over her performance at the rock festival – it was reported the singer allegedly took a swing at an audience member – Goodman says Winehouse is “looking great and feeling great.”

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