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Disney Star Allie DeBerry Accepts Michigan Teen's Video 'Promposal'

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Byron Purvis/AdMedia

Justin Hang will likely have the most famous date at Fenton High School’s May 3 prom.

Hang, an 18-year-old senior, will escort Disney Channel star Allie DeBerry after he took to YouTube on March 20 to proclaim his affections and ask her to his West Michigan high school’s biggest social, calling his video a “promposal.”

Speaking confidently in the five-minute video, Hang proclaims: “I’m gonna be real. I’ve got game, you know what I mean? I’ve got game … I don’t have a girlfriend, I’ve never been to a prom before. So Allie, maybe you can make that happen for me …”

Hang Tweeted to DeBerry, 19, who responded that if he got 1,500 retweets, she’d say yes. That cheeky dare was brought to the attention of producers on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show by a local friend, and they invited Hang on air on March 27 to talk about his dream prom date. The attention moved Hang over the top online.

“It’s all super overwhelming,” Hang told, which first reported his sweet story. “When I hit 1,000, I was contacted by Ryan Seacrest and I was like, ‘Is this real life right now?’ ”

Hang had spurred an online friendship of sorts with the blonde Texas native, DeBerry, over the past year after he posted a funny Instagram photo of them together, created by using an app. She liked it and he kept sending others as a joke.

Their cyber connection sealed the deal, and DeBerry made good on her promise to attend. “I’d better go pick out my dress!” she Tweeted at Hang, who promises her a good time. “I’ll think of something special,” he said of their date.