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Kathy Ehrich Dowd
January 29, 2014 09:50 AM

Is Alex Pettyfer smoldering and sensitive?

The chiseled Magic Mike actor sure sounds like it in a new interview with Cosmopolitan U.K. that seems to show he’s shed his prickly bad boy image.

“Guys are as sensitive as women, I think,” he tells the magazine for its March issue, out Thursday. “Men and women are not that different – we just want to feel loved as well. I don’t believe in the Mars/Venus nonsense.”

Feeling romantic love often requires dating, and the British thespian, 23, makes it sound as though he’s a fan of a classic courtship (despite his steamy screen test as kinky Christian Grey).

“I really like the traditional movie-and-dinner date,” he tells the magazine. “There are all those excited new feelings when you’re in the cinema – you’re looking at each other, but trying not to … I can think of about five dates when I couldn’t even tell you what we were watching.”

Pettyfer, who has been linked to Glee‘s Dianna Agron and Riley Keough (AKA Elvis Presley’s granddaughter), also looks forward to fatherhood – ideally sooner than later.

“I’ve always wanted to be a young dad,” he says. “I’m glad I left school at 15 and started acting. Had I stayed at school, I’d only just have finished university and started working. I wouldn’t have much financial stability, so I’d probably end up having kids later, whereas I can see myself doing so at maybe 29 or 30.”

Yet for the moment, he’s keeping himself busy racing cars, even if his track record is a bit iffy.

“I’ve actually crashed four times in the past five years, including recently at 160 mph, when I broke my collarbone,” he admits.

No word on whether there was a special lady who helped nurse him back to health.

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