Natalie Stone
May 18, 2017 08:22 PM

Alan Thicke‘s widow is choosing to focus on the positives in life.

One day after the late Growing Pains actor’s — he passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 13 at 69 years old after suffering a heart attack while playing hockey with his youngest son, Carter — two eldest sons, Brennan and Robin Thicke, filed a petition against Tanya Callau, she took to social media to share a reflective and uplifting post.

“The truth always prevails…… as long as you know your character & soul no one can ever tarnish or taint you!” she wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday evening. 

“Strength comes from within…. enjoy the beauty of this world,” she continued in her caption of the sunset. “Life is short & the rest is just noise. 🌅🙏🏻❤️”

On Tuesday, PEOPLE obtained court documents filed by Brennan and Robin in L.A. County Superior Court against Callau, in which they claim in the petition that his late wife is now alleging that the prenuptial agreement she signed ahead of marrying Alan in 2005 is invalid.

“Nonetheless, despite Alan’s generous benefits and careful planning Tanya demands more. Tanya insists the Prenuptial Agreement that she entered into before marrying Alan is invalid,” the documents state.

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“Now that Alan is dead, Tanya claims there are numerous problems with the Trust and the Prenuptial Agreement,” attorney Alex Weingarten writes in the petition.

Callau’s attorney Adam F. Streisand, however, told PEOPLE in a statement: “Tanya Thicke has never threatened to take private family matters public and she never has. It is clear that Alan’s sons have chosen this distasteful public smear tactic to bully Tanya, by stirring up the tabloid media, filing a bogus lawsuit, and refusing family mediation. Tanya is still grieving the death of her beloved husband and out of respect for Alan’s memory intends to handle his sons’ false statements privately.”

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