Johnny Buzzerio
Gerri Miller
November 20, 2007 04:15 PM

The Jonas Brothers shed a little blood at the American Music Awards, but it was worth it.

“Beyoncé stopped us on our way back to our dressing room to let us know she thought we did great,” the teen heartthrobs write on their MySpace page. “Akon spoke to us on our way out. He said he would love to work together. How amazing!”

Singer Joe Jonas, 18, cut his hand Sunday night when he tripped over an exploding-glass window prop at the start of the group’s hit “SOS.” He quickly recovered and finished the song to the squeals of delight from young girls in L.A.’s Nokia Theater.

On their MySpace page, Joe and brothers Nick, 15, and Kevin, 20, recount the night in detail, including meeting Amanda Bynes on the red carpet.

“She looked wonderful and was so funny,” they write. “When we were saying goodbye to her she said, Well, you guys go do your Rockstar thing you do…I’ll go do my un-rockstar thing I do.’ We’re definitely looking forward to seeing her again.”

And while they were in the dressing room, their manager came in and “told us that Celine Dion wanted to meet us! We walked to her dressing room, and when we got there she was so excited to meet us.”

Then came the performance.

“When the glass broke we started walking through,” Joe Jonas writes. “On the way through I slipped and fell down on my hands and knees.” He says seeing their fans smiling in the audience “let me know I had to get right up and perform for them.”

Afterward, he realized the extent of his injury.

“I had felt some pain but I had no idea that there was so much blood,” he writes. “I noticed that my white sit had blood on the knees. I also had cuts on my hand. We called the medic and they cleaned up my leg and hands.”

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