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Who Should Replace Gilbert Gottfried as Voice of Aflac Duck?

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FilmMagic (2), INF, AP

Wanted, one duck.

When Aflac announced it was giving Gilbert Gottfried the boot for his disrespectful Tweets about the Japanese tsunami, it created an immediate job opening for someone with a distinctive talent.

According to reports, Aflac will start a nationwide casting search, and already some frontrunners are being mentioned.

Fran Drescher, for one, has a trademark laugh and Gottfried’s nasal tone, while Joan Rivers posses a loud, raspy voice.

Then there’s Sofia Vergara. She’s not only loud, but a recent Modern Family episode suggested she can already squawk like a bird.

And what about Charlie Sheen? His hoarse tone has been impersonated by many over the last two weeks. So tell us: Who should be the voice of the new Aflac duck?