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May 29, 2013 06:50 PM

Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo are tying the knot on June 1!

The American Idol alumni, who got engaged on the show’s 2012 finale, are putting the finishing touches on their wedding preparations – from the clothes, to the cake, to the guest list – and they’re giving us a sneak peek of it all. Well, almost everything. Diana won’t reveal the wedding dress until she walks down the aisle. Not even a hint!

From now until their wedding, we’ll have exclusive videos of Ace, 32, and Diana, 25, as they count down to their big day.

Day 5: Drama-Free Seating Charts

Everybody always obsesses over the reception seating charts. Who will sit next to who? Who need to be placed at opposite ends of the ballroom?

In today’s video, Ace and Diana give a handy tip for working out the seating chart.

“Certain people can’t sit next to certain people,” says Ace. (Which is absurd, by the way. The best part of wedding receptions are the drama. As reality show alumni, Ace and Diana really should know better.) Anyway, planning the seating chart is a stroke of genius – all it takes are post-it notes, plates and a dining room table. With their foolproof method, Ace and Diana have figured out who will sit where – hereby avoiding any tequila fueled fireworks.

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