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A Star Is Re-Born: 9 Things That Lindsay Lohan and Cosmos Have in Common

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Lindsay Lohan and Cosmos started new chapters on TV last night

Lohan, 27, allowed Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN Network cameras to follow her around and document her move from Los Angeles to New York City, following her sixth attempt at getting sober.

Directed by Emmy nominee Amy Rice, the show follows Lohan on her “journey through recovery following a very public period of crisis,” according to the official press release.

The first episode of Lohan’s reality show Lindsay was filled with revelations, much like the first installment in the reboot of Cosmos over on Fox. The series is a big-budget continuation of the late Carl Sagan’s classic PBS documentary miniseries that explored the infinite reaches of space and time.

The two shows have more in common than one might realize. For example, Cosmos came back into existence thanks in part to producer and benefactor Seth MacFarlane. Lindsay became a docu-series thanks to the largesse of Winfrey.

The shows have similar missions, as well. Cosmos host Sagan’s widow stated that the show is being re-booted to help set the scientific record straight in response to recent political-cultural attacks on science from climate change deniers and those who want to prevent evolution from being taught in schools. Similarly, Lindsay is meant to set the record straight on the movie star’s life and struggles in response to tabloid news stories.

Plus, it’s just plain fun to watch stars – of both the celestial and human variety – implode and then reinvent themselves.

As host, author and astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson says in the intro to Cosmos, the reality of nature is far more wondrous than anything we can imagine. The same can be said of Lindsay.

Here are nine things that Cosmos and Lindsay have in common:

1. Lindsay had six stints in rehab, two DUI convictions, faced charges of theft, reckless driving and probation violations and spent two weeks in jail.

Similarly, 16th century monk Giordano Bruno (who lived between the more well-known Copernicus and Galileo) was the first to posit that the sun was in fact a star and that other stars were also suns to many more planets like ours. He was then tried by the Inquisition and burned at the stake.

2. "People have an image of me that is just chaos," says Lohan, and it is sort of true.

Likewise, many people believe that the universe is just chaos, and it is sort of true.

3. Lohan’s career exploded after she was cast in The Parent Trap.

The universe started with an explosion called The Big Bang.

4. Lohan wanted to go to Europe to promote her film The Canyons, but took Oprah’s advice and canceled the trip until she was in a healthier place.

Neil Degrasse Tyson wanted to go to the outer reaches of space, but could only travel aboard the so-called Ship of the Imagination – a glitzy version of the vehicle in astronomer and author Sagan’s original Cosmos on PBS – and some awesome CGI effects.

5. Lohan is desperate to return to making movies.

She shouldn’t fret, though, because Tyson assured us that “star stuff is recycled and enriched through generations of stars.” Patience, young Lohan.

6. Lindsay Lohan’s personal assistant used to work for Steven Tyler and Shaun White.

“Science,” Tyson says, “is a cooperative enterprise, spanning the generations. It’s the passing of a torch from teacher to student to teacher.” Which is just like finding a good assistant.

7. Lohan thinks it is really hard to navigate the NYC real estate market.

On Cosmos, Tyson plugged our planet’s address into the onboard computer of the Ship of the Imagination, and navigated us on a tricky trip from the comet-filled Oort Cloud to the tail of the Milky Way.

8. Lohan’s latest film The Canyons grossed less than $60,000 dollars.

Speaking of gross, according to Cosmos, human life owes a lot to the pioneering microbes who apparently invented sex.

9. Lohan starred in Mean Girls, a film certain to inspire generations for millions of years to stop trying to make "fetch" happen.

Similarly, Voyager 1 is carrying the sounds of Earth light years away, where no one has ever gone before and perhaps never will. Wonder what people 150,000 light years in the future will make of Lindsay when the show finally reaches them?

Lindsay airs at 10 p.m. ET Sundays on OWN. Cosmos airs at 9 p.m. ET Sundays on Fox.

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