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50 Cent Laughs Off Eminem Weigh-Gain Stories

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50 Cent says don’t believe the hype about his pal, Eminem, allegedly gaining weight.

“Em is in shape right now,” 50 Cent tells MTV News. “He looks good. I seen him in Detroit. He’s gonna look real good when you see him return.”

Stories about Eminem’s health and physique have been circulating for months. The Detroit-based rapper (real name Marshall Mathers) has been virtually absent from the music scene for the last year.

In January, Eminem was hospitalized with pneumonia, and a report claimed that his weight had ballooned more than 200 lbs.

But 50 Cent says his old friend is doing fine. “The last time I seen him we played basketball together,” he told MTV. “He had a knee injury, so we chilled for a little bit.”