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50 Cent Jumps into Two-Bit Shoving Match

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Police in Springfield, Mass., were called in to break up a shoving match involving 50 Cent and his entourage early Saturday after the rapper and the others allegedly leapt from a club stage during a surprise appearance and fought with audience members, say reports.

Michael Barrasso, co-owner of the Hippodrome club, told Springfield’s Republican newspaper that the concert’s sponsor, Hartford radio station WZMX-FM, had announced that 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson), 37, might make an unannounced appearance at the invitation-only hip-hop concert, which had attracted an invited audience of 1,400 people.

Ten minutes after 50 Cent took to the stage, someone in the crowd tossed water at him from a cup or bottle, according to Barrasso, who added: “He removed his gold chain, handed it to someone on the stage next to him and jumped off the stage into the crowd.”

The rapper’s entourage, including bodyguards, also jumped into the crowd. Security guards and two cops pushed the rapper and his crew back on stage, said Barrasso, adding that the crowd was so dense that it was not evident whether there was any fighting beyond the pushing.

Two people were arrested for disturbing the peace.

“He finished the song, believe it or not,” Barrasso said. “Then the whole entourage and him just rushed for the exit, got in their cars and left.”