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WATCH: Biz Markie and Channing Tatum Sing 'Just a Friend' Together – Briefly, Awkwardly

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Oh, the things you missed if you didn’t attend this year’s Comic-Con: Lines, crowds, grown-ups playing dress up … and the Channing Tatum-Biz Markie collaboration that you’ve been dreaming of.


If you’re one special person with extremely specific tastes.

At the panel promoting the upcoming film The Book of Life, Markie himself came onstage singing his trademark song, “Just a Friend,” which is featured in the animated film. In the above clip, the song starts around the 50-second mark, and skip ahead to 1:15 to see more bashfulness than you’d expect from the lead of Magic Mike. It’s a short but sweet duet that ends with Markie leaving Tatum to bob about solo.

See? It’s better than some superfan’s misguided attempt to cosplay as Superman, and now you’ll have “Just a Friend” in your head for the rest of the day.

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