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May 16, 2013 05:00 PM

Watching the wonder on your child’s face as a first-rate story unfolds can be just as much fun as losing yourself in a grown-up book.

Share your thoughts on the kid-classics PEOPLE staffers are enjoying – and let us know what you’re reading.

Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, Washington Correspondent
Her Pick: White Fang by Jack London

On a February dog-sledding trip, my 8-year-old son and I fell in love with the dogs, and White Fang is our way of diving into their world. London has a magical way of narrating through the wolf-dog’s eyes, even though (ahem – Disney, take note) the animals don’t talk. The book’s dissection of how cruelty and hatred are learned, and more importantly how kindness can undo them, moves me to tears.

Suzanne Zuckerman, Senior Writer
Her Pick: What Do People Do All Day? by Richard Scarry

My 20-month-old son is fascinated by garbage trucks, taxis and other busy trappings of life in New York City. Scarry’s whimsical (and informative!) illustrations of everything from how roads are built to how bread is made break down the big overwhelming world into friendly, bite-size narratives. Some pages of our copy are so well loved they’ve been ripped out and hugged.

Nancy Jeffrey, Senior Editor
Her Pick: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

I remember staying up late into the night when I was 8 or 9, shining a flashlight in my bed, totally absorbed in this sci-fi fantasy classic. Meg Murray, a geeky young girl, journeys through time and space with her brother and a friend to rescue her scientist dad, who has gone missing while on a mysterious project. Now I’m reading it to my 10-year-old daughter – and I’m every bit as caught up in it as the first time.

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