Gabrielle Olya
October 27, 2016 11:41 AM

Ashley Narragon was born with oral-facial-digital syndrome type 1, a rare genetic condition that causes physical abnormalities, and in some cases intellectual disabilities.

“The symptoms that I was born with, I have a clover-shaped tongue, I have bald spots, my nose is severely crooked, my teeth are overcrowded, my jaw is not formed right, my fingers and toes are smaller than most people my age,” Narragon, 27, says on this exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode of The Doctors.

Narragon says growing up she was bullied for her appearance.

“When I was little, there were a lot of kids that would say stuff that would really upset me,” she says in an exclusive clip. “I had one kid once that said, ‘Did you get hit by a truck?’ It made me feel very insecure.”

In addition to the emotional pain, Narragon’s condition also causes her physical discomfort.

“It’s really hard to breathe out of my nose, and because of the way my jaw is, my teeth pop and click all the time,” she says.

Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that her nose has an S-shape curve, a dramatically deviated septum, and cartilage blockages on both sides, which is why it is so difficult for her to breathe.

But Dr. Travis Stork delivers some positive news to Narragon as well.

“These are all things that can be helped and fixed,” he says in the clip.

Tune in to Thurday’s episode of The Doctors to see Narragon’s reaction to the plan presented by Dr. Ordon, Dr. Kupferman and Dr. Rifkin to repair her nose, jaw and teeth. Check your local listings.

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