Eunice Oh
July 27, 2010 08:30 AM

Shedding 40 lbs. helped Valerie Bertinelli jump into a bikini nearly three decades after she last wore a two-piece, complete a marathon and even stop snoring.

What it didn’t do? Change her sex life.

“It was pretty good even when I was big,” the Hot in Cleveland actress, 50, tells Prevention in its September issue. “[My fiancé] Tom likes me at any size. I’m lucky that way.”

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Bertinelli, who plans to wed her longtime boyfriend, businessman Tom Vitale, in an intimate Italian ceremony, says she’s also “stopped snoring as much,” an unexpected perk from her weight loss, but is still struggling to not “be a slave to my weight.”

For starters, she admits she hates the first 20 minutes of her running workout. But she also has to keep her cravings in check while grocery shopping – no sourdough toast or her favorite sweets, Hot Tamales.

“Those cinnamon candies? Love those,” the Jenny Craig spokeswoman says. “So when I’m in the supermarket and I think, ‘God, I really want those,’ I’ll remind myself that in two days when I have a weak moment, I’ll go straight for them. So there are certain things I just won’t buy.”

Instead, she’ll lean on Vitale, who provides plenty of encouraging words and also helps her cooks healthier alternatives like grilled chicken, veggies and turkey meatballs.

Having turned 50, the actress approached the big milestone the same way she tackled posing in a bikini: With no fear.

“For me it’s just another age, just another number,” she says. “I’m still kicking, my heart’s still beating, my lungs are still breathing, so that’s good.”

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