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Ryan Reynolds Preps for Deadpool 2 with His Favorite Ab Workout

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Ryan Reynolds is getting back into shape for his upcoming role in Deadpool 2.

The 40-year-0ld actor was featured Thursday in an Instagram video by his trainer, Don Saladino, who is known as a trainer for “superheroes” in Hollywood.

@vancityreynolds performs one of his favorite ab exercises in preparation for #deadpool2 – Exercise "Reverse crunch with a lift" – What it works? Abdominals and core – How I use it? At the end of my workout with my abdominal training. Try 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Discontinue the lift portion when it becomes to difficult to perform. – How do I execute? Lie on the floor or a decline bench. Make sure to keep your lower back flat. Pull your legs towards your torso and then drive your legs to the ceiling. Always stay under perfect control. Try not to use any momentum. – Go to for my blog, tips, and nutrition. – You can also download my workouts @fitner_app – #suitup #superhero #ryanreynolds #training  #gymmafia #donsaladino #deadpooltraining

A post shared by Don Saladino (@donsaladino) on

“@vancityreynolds performs on of his favorite ab exercises in preparation for #deadpool2,” Saladino wrote.

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Reynolds teased fans last week with a photo of the Merc with the Mouth on Instagram, lying down in front of the X-mansion from the X-Men films.

“Dropped by X-Mansion. Looked closely for Beast’s lawn bombs before taking well deserved nap,” he wrote in the caption.

Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters in 2018.