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NFL Star Randy Moss Shares 2 Simple Tricks to Look Your Best This Summer

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Randy Moss
The BodyHoliday

If you’re wondering how you can look your best and healthiest this summer, NFL superstar Randy Moss is sharing his advice for how to look great in a swimsuit.

“The biggest thing is some type of endurance workout,” Moss — who will be back to lead theBodyHoliday’s WellFit Families retreat in St. Lucia this July and August — tells PEOPLE. “It could be riding a bike, it could be running.”

If you’re serious about seeing a transformation in your body, Moss recommends doing something to get your heart rate up every day.

“It doesn’t have to be an intense every day work out — it could be running one day, riding a bike another, swimming the next day,” he says. “Something to just be able to keep your cardio up.”

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Pair that with a slight change to your diet — Moss says it’s essential to cut out artificial sugars.

“To get bikini ready, the basic thing to avoid is unhealthy sugar,” he says. “Stay away from soda and anything that has a lot of sugar. If you want sugar, eat healthy sugar from fruits like pineapple.”