Kate Hudson
Gabrielle Olya
May 05, 2017 11:46 AM

Kate Hudson and James Corden are both fans of PlyoJam, a dance cardio class that infuses plyometrics — aka jump training — into the choreography to burn maximum calories.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to reap the benefits of the high-energy dance class. PlyoJam creator and co-founder Jason Layden has created a workout you can do at home to shape up for the summer — no equipment needed!

“This 15-minute dance workout is designed to take your fitness to the next level,” Layden tells PEOPLE. “My secret ingredient? Plyometric jump training mixed with a little sass and a whole lot of fun. Blast five to six of your favorite high-energy songs and start training like an athlete and dancing like a pop star!”

Do each move for 30 seconds, and repeat three times:

1. Hip Swivel to Shooting Star

“Let’s warm it up with a hip swivel followed by a shooting star. Nothing wrong with loosening up those hips on a warm spring day!”

2. Macarena 2.0

“Start by doing the Macarena move to one side, but amp it up with a pelvis thrust and a 180 jump turn! Repeat on the other side. Boom! This ain’t your granny’s aerobics class.”

3. Pony Step to Lateral Hop

“Saddle up for some cardio with this new-and-improved pony step. Do the move with flexed arms, followed by a lateral hop. Yeeeehaaaaw!”

4. Twerkin’ Burpee

J.Lo that booty when you take the OG burpee and spice it up with a little twerk action. You will tone your entire core, plus plump that bump.”

5. Dab

“DAB! ‘Nuff said. Follow it with a fist pump and an alternating knee raise moving backward. Don’t forget to toss your arms in the air in that ‘come at me bro’ way.”

6. Kicks to High-Low Punches

“Pep up your step with kicks and some high-low punches to activate that cardio and work your core.”

7. Criss-Cross Jump

“Throw your arms up one at a time and then take it into a criss-cross jump. You’ll feel like Bey’s backup dancer!”

8. Double Forward Body Roll to Criss-Cross Jump

“Crank up the attitude with a double forward body roll followed by a criss-cross jump. Then add a single-single-double knee combo. Don’t blush — the body rolls are not only sexy, but good for toning the abs.”

9. Arm Raise to Speed Run

“Arms up like you’re at your favorite stage at Coachella! Add the speed run for an extra calorie torch.”

10. Rocking Horse Jump Combo

“Rock it out with this rocking horse jump combo. This move is sure to sculpt your quads and tighten arms as you cross them overhead. Now where’s my lasso?”

“Repeat the entire routine two more times for a fun, sexy, killer 15-minute workout guaranteed to scorch calories and make you sweat! Get your playlist ready, and make me (and Bey) proud.”

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