Sub Rosa Private Aesthetics
Gabrielle Olya
February 27, 2015 05:50 PM

Move over, Soho House – there’s a new exclusive club in town.

Named for the Latin word for confidential, Sub Rosa Concierge Aesthetics is a one-stop shop for all plastic surgery needs – but only for qualifying members.

“I decided to open the practice because I felt that the approach to ‘aging graciously’ needed to be more strategic,” founder Dr. Sonita Sadio tells PEOPLE. “Most women and men tend to go with ‘one-off’ procedures – Botox or fillers for an event – rather than as part of a considered anti-aging strategy.”

Sadio recommends getting fewer procedures done, but earlier and more often.

“Botox, fillers, and collagen stimulators should be used together, as part of a complete regimen, doing less on an ongoing basis,” she explains. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The piecemeal approach can look odd to the eye – for example, an overly-smoothed forehead with a lower face that looks much older. Our goal is to harmonize the appearance and maintain natural expression. I believe that less is more.”

As for the membership requirement: “Dr. Sadio’s ‘less is more’ approach would be prohibitively expensive on an à la carte basis. If priced ‘by the syringe,’ ‘by the unit,’ or ‘by the treatment,’ this approach would be out of reach for most women,” explains the office’s website.

In addition, Sadio wanted to create a more pleasant overall experience than most plastic surgery patients receive.

“I wanted to create an environment that was beautiful, private, and welcoming… a place where patients feel comfortable with staff that care about them… who know them,” says Sadio. “I wanted to bring some of the humanity back to medicine, that connection that our grandparents enjoyed… time, privacy, and genuine personal attention.”

The site features a gallery of what appears to be an elegant brownstone with luxury furnishings and fresh floral arrangements, and says the office is equipped to provide state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments, including Botox and Dysport, Sculptra, Restylane and various laser and light-based therapies.

The 250-member Sub Rosa is currently accepting applications, so if unlimited Botox is your thing, try your luck at scoring a coveted spot in the exclusive roster of “a few good women.”

Sub Rosa Concierge Aesthetics
Sub Rosa Private Aesthetics

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