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Dave Quinn
May 09, 2017 05:30 PM

If their constant barrage of workout selfies and shirtless appearances make it seem as if Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are in some sort of competition for the title of ‘Best Jonas Brother Body,’ well, one wouldn’t be too far off.

“There’s definitely a rivalry — there’s no question,” Nick exclusively told PEOPLE in this week’s issue, while discussing his new “Sing! with LG” fan contest.

The two brothers keep one another motivated during their workouts, the 24-year-old “Jealous” singer explained.

“We just like giving each other that push,” he said. “That community really helps. It creates a really good energy. So Joe and I are really embracing that gym culture.”

It’s helpful that both brothers are after different goals in the gym.

“There are areas where Joe really excels and other where I really excel,” Nick said. “I just hate cardio and Joe really loves it. He likes to run and do other things like that. For me, I like to push myself with pushing heaving weight and doing that stuff.

He continued: “Our gym has a mixed martial arts portion to it. So my ground game is really strong — wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and all that. But Joe’s boxing is really strong. He’s really got great hands and is very quick.”

“It’s fun,” he added. “It’s nice to have that type of balance. A little brotherly competition…”

Joe and Nick Jonas
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During his off-time from the gym, Nick has been focused on writing his new album and shooting December’s Jumanji reboot.

He’s also stayed busy with the “Sing! with LG” contest. The competition, which launched in April and runs through May 12, asks fans to record (via the Sing! app) and submit videos of their take on Nick’s hit song “Jealous.” The winner (announced May 19) gets a meet-and-greet with Nick, as well as a handful of prizes.

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“It’s been pretty incredible so far,” Nick said of the contest. “Technology in a lot of ways has changed the music world. And this way, I think it’s really for the better. I’ve gotten to see some of these videos — see how talented some of my fans are. To be able to share that moment with them has been really great.”

As for those who haven’t submitted a video yet, Nick has some advice he learned from a very good friend.

“Sing your heart out,” he said. “I’ll tell you what James Corden told me before we did Carpool Karaoke. He was just like, ‘Imagine you’re singing to Madison Square Garden, even though we’re in my car.’ And we did that.”

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