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Amy Elisa Keith
June 01, 2009 04:15 PM

Playing a genetically-altered alien/human hybrid in the movie trilogy Species, Natasha Henstridge blew viewers away with her out-of-this-world body. But what it took for the model-turned-actress to maintain that killer physique was close to “extreme.”

“I’ve done some things that probably weren’t the smartest things in the world,” reveals Henstridge, now 34, of taking “pills” and over the counter supplements to give her an “extra boost” to be thinner. “I’ve even been to Chinese herbalists who’ve given me herbs and acupuncture,” she says, thinking that they were “innocent and healthy.”

Now, the mom of two realizes that the diets and drugs were damaging. “All of a sudden when you decide to go clean, things are changing in your body because you done a bit of damage,” she says. Sporting a curvier figure last month, Henstridge is happier – and healthier – than ever. “My body has definitely gone through a change since coming off all the crazy yo-yo stuff,” she admits of putting on weight.

These days the star is promoting her ABC TV movie Impact, staying active with mountain biking and an intense cardio and weight training boot camp at Pulse Fitness in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Looking back at her journey, Henstridge smiles, “it was eye-opening.”

• Reporting by Jed Dreben
from Huffington Post
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