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Body Positivity

Women Show Love for Their Bodies in New Social Media Campaign #MyBodyMyBFF

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Curvy Kate

A new social media campaign is asking women to be besties with their bodies.

Started by the U.K.-based lingerie and swimwear line, Curvy Kate, #MyBodyMyBFF is popping up on Instagram and Twitter with a body-positive message that encourages women to treat themselves as well as they would treat a friend. Women of all sizes are proudly posting photos of themselves in skin-baring attire such as bras and bikinis alongside the hashtag.

“Why are we so hard on ourselves when our bodies and minds are so amazing?” asks the Curvy Kate Instagram under a photo of three women wearing “Self Love Brings Beauty” T-shirts. “Well we think it’s time it stopped! #MyBodyMyBFF is a pledge to treat your body as if it were your best pal in the world. We want you to promise to be kind at every turn and live like the queen you are.”

The hashtag is part of a promotion to win Curvy Kate merchandise, but its message is much bigger, says Communications Manager Chantelle Crabb. “We wanted to produce a campaign that wasn’t just about people posting a one-off picture, but more about women joining a movement and pledging and promising to treat their bodies and minds better, to treat them with the kindness and care they deserve,” Crabb tells PEOPLE.  “It’s also really empowering just to read through all the posts, there is such a wide variety of people involved that it makes you realize just how unique and special we all are.”

My body is very squishy. Like VERY squishy. It has squish in the middle, squish at the back and squish in places you can't even see. And I like it. I like my body. It's not radical, it's not weird, I just like my body. The squish would be there whether I liked it or not so I might as well do the positive thing and enjoy my life whilst liking my body. I like that people enjoy hugging me, that I make people feel safe and that I'm always warm (moderately irritating in this heat wave but otherwise excellent for the British clime). Thanks to the @curvykate #MyBodyMyBFF pledge, this month I vow to be kind to my body, to replace negative with positive thoughts, to moisturise after every single shower (I'm very tall, it's a lot of skin) and to keep the Brownie Guide law…wait… In fact, I might keep it going a bit longer than that, like forever or something because not being friends with your body is a total waste of time and achieves absolutely nothing, amiright?!? Bikini is one of many many @curvykate bikinis I have with me for this week in the sun. Tan is c/o a bottle with a spray hose on it. Streaks are c/o sweating a lot. #psstyle #plussize #psblogger #psfashion #fblogger #mybodymybff #curvykate #tall #swimwear #bikini #wiwt #ootd #psootd

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Each day of the contest, which runs until July 15, a winner will receive Curvy Kate products. And the company hopes the campaign will encourage woman to be more body confident. Says Crabb: “A journey to self-love starts with small steps and #MyBodyMyBFF could just be the first step for someone.”