Gabrielle Olya
November 11, 2016 03:21 PM

What makes men feel sexy?

PEOPLE traveled across the country asking men of all ages when they feel their sexiest, and the answers ranged from R-rated to sweet.

At New York City’s Hamilton Retirement Center, one senior citizen says he feels sexiest “after sex,” while another responds, “I feel the sexiest every time I look at my wife.” (Aw!)

On Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, one man responds that “I always feel sexy.”

Another feels most confident “right after the gym when I’m all swoll up.”

In Grand Central Station in New York City, one man says he feels sexiest “when girls tell you that you’re sexy.”

“Definitely when I’m dancing. Or doing karaoke,” says another. “That’s always a good one!”

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And a man in Brookfield Place in N.Y.C. says he feels sexiest “usually after a couple of beers.”

Who will be PEOPLE’s next Sexiest Man Alive? Find out next week!

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