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Tim Nudd
March 14, 2013 11:55 AM

Now here’s the Matthew McConaughey we all remember!

The actor, who underwent a dramatic physical transformation last year – shedding 30 lbs. and looking shockingly frail to play an AIDS patient in The Dallas Buyer’s Club – is starting to look like his old self again on the set of his next movie.

That means the muscles are back, which the actor, 43, showed off this week in a white tank top while filming the crime drama True Detectives in New Orleans.

The past six months have been a roller-coaster for McConaughey. He hit his absolute lowest weight in November 2012, then began reversing the process, slowing gaining strength once again. More than once, he admitted to dreaming of cheeseburgers.

By January, he was most of the way back to his target weight of 165 lbs.

And in the midst of all this, he and wife Camila welcomed baby No. 3 in December, a boy named Livingston.

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