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Dahvi Shira
October 31, 2012 06:30 PM

Marissa Jaret Winokur says she shed 60 lbs., but worries: Is that enough for show business?

“I definitely have moments where I’ll go to an audition or a meeting and girls are just so much skinnier,” she tells The Insider. “I’m still in Hollywood. I still will be considered a chubby actress.”

Taking the show’s Brooke Anderson on a tour of her closet, the actress, 39, also notes that she still keeps her old clothes “because I’m sure I’ll gain [the weight] all back.”

“I know it’s horrible,” she says, “but here’s the thing … My fear is, what do you do? I have jeans that fit me great and what if I gain it back? I need those jeans.”

The bubbly star and PEOPLE blogger – whose newly svelte physique first caught the public’s eye at a premiere on Monday – felt comfortable with her heavier appearance, but lost weight for the sake of her well-being.

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“When I was a size 14, I was super happy,” Winokur explains. “I felt confident in my body. I don’t think a size really should define who you are, and how you feel about yourself … The doctor [was] saying I’m not healthy…so I [needed] to change my way of life. But, interestingly enough, there are moments in my life [when] I felt more comfortable in that body sometimes than in this body.”

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