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June 22, 2009 12:45 PM

Marissa Jaret Winokur, the host of the new weight-loss dance show Dance Your Ass Off, is on a weight-loss journey of her own.

The Tony-winning actress, 36, recently admitted that though she didn’t give birth to her 11-month-old son Zev (who was carried via a surrogate), she has put on pounds since his arrival. “You don’t actually have to carry the baby to gain the weight,” Winokur tells PEOPLE.

Now on a mission to get back in the shape she was in while appearing on Dancing with the Stars, Winokur (whose Oxygen show premieres June 29) has returned to exercising and has a goal: to appear in a bikini in the pages of PEOPLE.

Here, she shares her quest to get back in shape in the first installment of her weekly weight-loss blog:

Okay, so welcome to my weight-loss journey. I have to open with a funny little aside. As I sit here beginning to type, staring at my blank screen, my friend who is visiting me walked in from being out all day and said, “Look what I got you …” She held up the magical bag, glowing in the light, a smell that dreams are made of – McDonald’s french fries!!!!!!!

I had only typed “Welcome to my weight-loss journey” and now I had to make the choice – type my new goals or eat the fries. I ate a fry, then put the bag down and started to type. Okay, I’ll have one more fry. Two fries won’t kill anyone!!!!! I am now going to put the fries in the sink and drown my little friends. DONE. This blog just saved me from a lot of bad calories!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Fighting Temptation

Marissa Jaret Winokur

I am back on track to fitting into my bikini before the END of the summer!!! There are temptations all over my house!!! I have an 11-month-old son, Zev, who loves those yummy gold fish that taste amazing at 3 in the morning, and a husband [Judah Miller] who can eat ANYTHING (it’s so not fair, but that’s a whole other blog). It’s so hard – Zev eats mac and cheese and I just share it! I need to clean out my kitchen!!

I am gonna clean my fridge out and re-stock it with healthy food!!!! It’s a total mess! I need more fruit and veggies. I am gonna clean my fridge myself and make a shopping list! I am not going to be a crazy dieter – I just want to get healthy again and feel good. Maybe you can join in and clean out your fridge and start the slow and steady journey with me……


My biggest challenge this week: obviously not snacking on crap!

I am most proud of: thinking of healthy foods for my son, not just mac and cheese every day but blending veggies in with his eggs and sneaking it in.

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