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Marissa Jaret Winokur: I'll Tweet Before I Eat

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Courtesy Marissa Jaret Winokur

Marissa Jaret Winokur has faced this temptation before: the spectre of being left alone in a hotel room with a stocked minibar. But recently, the Dance Your Ass Off host, 36, opted to stay strong and vanquish that diet demon by locking it up.

Here, in her weekly weight-loss blog, she shares her hilarious strategy for not letting that minibar get the best of her and how Twitter is becoming a friend in her fight to lose weight.

I went back to New York City this week for three nights (sadly, away from Zev and Judah). You may remember a few weeks ago when I went to N.Y.C. and had a close encounter with a minibar. Well, I had to face that minibar once again. It was like an ex-boyfriend, one you still loved but had to break up because you were not good for each other. One you convinced yourself, “Oh, I can still be friends with him and nothing has to happen.” SOMETHING ALWAYS HAPPENS!

So, I called the hotel ahead of time pretending to be my assistant (I don’t have one) and kindly asked the hotel to lock the minibar before I arrived, knowing very well that the hotel staff now thinks I’m an alcoholic. But I didn’t want to say, “She can’t resist that caramel-chocolate popcorn or the Kit-Kat that calls to her.” So now I was safe. That hot “boyfriend” was now locked up … kinda like his phone number was deleted from my cell phone! Yippeee! I learned something – the food was behind lock and key!

Marissa Jaret Winokur
Courtesy Marissa Jaret Winokur
The next night I went out for a big yummy dinner where all 10 people knew I was on a diet and all 10 people ordered amazing desserts. My brother Marc was there so he shared a fruit plate with me that ended up feeding the whole table and believe it or not it was really good! OMG – I may not be losing 40 lbs. but I am feeling good about my progress. OH, AND I SAID NO TO AIRPLANE FOOD! Why do we eat whatever is put in front of us?

A Tweet to Better Health

On Friday morning, it was back to boot camp! But this time Judah and Zev came with!!!!! WHY, you ask? I have no idea! My husband thought Zev would enjoy it and he did. But I kicked them out after the warm-up because Zev thought it was fun to put his 26-lb. body on my belly while I did sit-ups, and he was a drill sargeant when I was doing push ups. He went crazy! Besides, even though I have been with my husband forever he does not need to watch me do boot camp! This is MY time. OMG — you see the progress, right?

While jumping rope for what seemed like an eternity, I thought of a great way to stay on better track with my food: Before I EAT I shall TWEET! It’s kinda like my own little support group! I had never used Twitter before, but I thought what an easy way to beg for support while standing on line at the deli!

So I used it all weekend! I actually used it while at the Starbucks drive-through. I almost ordered the vanilla latte but chose the Americana instead! My fellow Tweeters (is that really a word?) gave praise and love when I ate some of Judah’s chips! It’s weird: The stranger support group works better then family. I guess strangers are like, “Come on, we can do this” while my family is more like, “Oh, Marissa is on a diet again. Whatever, eat this red velvet cupcake… you know you love it!”

My biggest challenge this week: saying no to my “ex-boyfriend” the minibar!

I am most proud of: learning to TWEET before I EAT.

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