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June 29, 2009 06:30 PM

Marissa Jaret Winokur is giving a Beyoncé hit a try on her weight-loss journey.

The Dance Your Ass Off host, whose Oxygen show premieres Monday, is continuing her quest to get in shape with some boogying of her own: joining the legions of people (including [CELEBRITY_LINK” “” “” “0” ] and Justin Timberlake) attempting the R&B star’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” dance, much to the amusement of her 11-month-old son Zev and husband Judah Miller.

Here, in her weekly weight-loss blog, she shares her Beyoncé moment – and her quest to get back in a bikini:

OMG, OMG !!! Okay, so here’s the deal. I am so excited to blog my weight-loss journey with and was so happy when it posted last Monday! I got my little Google alert notice (yes, I have myself on Google alert, so think twice before you blog something mean about me…) and I sat down to read my blog when I saw these words in WRITING:

“Now on a mission to get back in the shape she was in while appearing on Dancing with the Stars, Winokur (whose Oxygen show premieres June 29) has returned to exercising and has a goal: to appear in a bikini in the pages of PEOPLE.”

A bikini in PEOPLE … A BIKINI. Reading those words made me get a little dizzy. It made it REAL! HELP!!!! My favorite articles in PEOPLE are the weight-loss bikini ones. I remember just reading about Melissa Joan Hart and she was on the cover weighing 113!!! OKAY, EVERYONE, I AM NOT GOING TO EVER BE 113! I started to freak out and I may or may not having eaten a handful of cereal.

Then I re-read the “get back in the shape she was in while appearing on Dancing with the Stars” part. Oh, yeah – I can do that! I calmed down and stepped away from the cereal box. My goal isn’t to be in a bikini at 113 lbs. My goal is to be in a bikini at MY happiest feel-good weight. I know I looked sexy on DWTS and I was considered a “plus-size dancer.” My mission is to look and feel MY best and that was when I was 25 lbs. lighter!

Doing the “Single Ladies” Dance

Marissa Jaret Winokur

That all being said, reading the word “bikini” did kick my butt into gear!!!! No pun intended, I danced my ass off and went to the “Dance Your Ass Off” class at Crunch gym!

I worked out so hard that I was sore the next day. I felt the dance in every muscle of my body and cursed the teacher’s name. But I can’t wait to go back next week!!

Because dancing is way more fun then the treadmill, I downloaded the video of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” and started to learn her dance. Let me tell you, if I ever did that dance in a club I would still be a single lady!!! But what a workout! It was free and fun and it kept my son very entertained – it was like a real-life Muppet danced out of his TV and into the living room. It kept him and, sadly, my husband very amused for almost an hour.

Okay, everyone, I started to dust off my bikinis to take the curse off of them and beg for mercy!!! OMG – even just typing the word “bikini” just made my heart race. This may be proof you should think before you speak!!!

My biggest challenge this week: Not sneaking spoonfuls of Spaghetti O’s while I feed them to my Zev.

I am most proud of: exercising almost every day (most of the time with a smile)!!!

Read Marissa’s last blog.

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